Civil and Trust Litigation

Since one of the primary focus of our practice is business organizations and transactions, and trusts of wills, our general advice and disposition are to avoid litigation whenever it is possible to do sue.Lawsuits consume large amounts of business resources not only in terms of cash but in time, personnel, the attention of management, and, in many cases, emotions.

However, there are times when businesses, individuals and beneficiaries are left with no choice but to litigate in order to enforce legal rights or defend against claims and encroachments made against them. When this occurs, our philosophy is to conduct an analysis of the facts, circumstances and legal bases for all claims, to thoroughly explain to our client the pros, cons, and risks of each claim at issue, the litigation costs the client may expect to encounter. We counsel our clients on the principles and objectives of litigation balanced against the costs and risks, then develop and implement a strategy that will accomplish our client’s objectives within the parameters and constraints on which we mutually agree.

When a case must be litigated and tried, we represent our clients forcefully and professionally. However, throughout the process of any litigation matter, we explore possibilities to resolve the case in the most efficient manner possible for our client which may include mediation, arbitration, or settlement conferences by which our clients’ needs and objectives may be satisfied without the expense of a trial.

Our specific litigation expertise includes:


  • Disputes over Management and Control of Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs
  • Claims Arising from Violation of State and Federal Securities Laws
  • Business Torts
  • Breach of Contract Actions
  • Alter Ego Litigation
  • Enforcement of Shareholder Rights

Trusts + Wills

  • Trust Contests
  • Will Contests
  • Determination of heirship
  • Conservation Contests